Backgate Entry Procedures as of 1 October 2016

  • Healy Point Country Club:
    • Employees may use the call box to come in.
    • Members that don’t have transponders must go to the front gate.
    • All other people saying they are going to the club cannot enter back gate and must go to the front gate for entry unless the front gate is told different by the association.
  • Residents:
    • Must call the front gate in advance to give name of people, vendors, contractors, etc coming to their property, if not they are not allowed to enter back gate in and must come to the front gate for access.
  • Emergency & County Vehicles:
    • All these vehicles are allowed entry through the back gate.
  • Please Note: First time a resident wants to enter back gate without a transponder, the guard is instructed to allow entry this one time and explains to the resident this is the only time that you can raise the gate and they must come to the association office to get a transponder. The guard keeps a list of the names to refer back to.