Gate Key New User

River North Macon uses “Gate Key Plus”, an internet based resident and guest management system.  Gate Key provides you with the ability to update your personal information and manage your guests online. 

The following are a few of the highlights that Gate Key offers:

  • Maintain a permanent, temporary, party and/or denied list of guests anytime 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Update your personal information.
  • Receive text messages on your mobile phone when a guest arrives.
  • Review Guest Access history.

To use Gate Key please use the steps below:

  1. From your home computer go to, Resident Login, then GateKey Plus (your community is using our enhanced  version) , or from your mobile device download our mobile app by searching for “GateKey Resident” in the apple app or google play stores.
  2. For the username use the one you used with the previous version of Gate Key or the one given to you by the office.
  3. For the password enter the one you used with the previous version of Gate Key or the password given to you by the office. (note, passwords are CaSe SenSitiVe)
  4. Once logged on, click on Account, then Password, change your password and click Save.  You can change any of the values by clicking on them.
  5. Click on My Contacts and enter in your contact information, by clicking “Add New” and Save – be sure to list cell phones under “Mobile Number”.
  6. Click on Guests, from here you can enter in your guests, including any restrictions.  Temporary Guests are for service companies or other one-time guests, Permanent Guests are typically for family members that you always want to allow access into the community.  When entering Guests be sure and click Save.
  7. We have imported the permanent guests, contacts, and emergency information from our old system, so please verify that it is still correct.


The Board of Directors